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Professor Stephen Mann

Professor Stephen Mann

Professor Stephen Mann
B.Sc.(UMIST), M.Sc.(Manc.), D.Phil.(Oxon.), F.R.S.

Professor of Chemistry

Office E207
School of Chemistry,
Cantock's Close, Bristol BS8 1TS
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+44 (0) 117 928 9935


The general theme of Professor Mann’s research is concerned with the chemical synthesis, characterization and emergence of complex forms of organized matter. His current research activities include: biomimetic materials chemistry, synthesis and self-assembly of nanoscale objects and functional bionanomaterials, complexity and emergent behaviour in hybrid nanostructures, solvent-free liquid proteins, and protocell design and construction. 


  • Synthetic Cellularity
  • Protocells
  • Origin of Life
  • Nanotectonics
  • Bionanochemistry
  • Inorganic Morphosynthesis
  • Biomineralization


Research Themes: - Biomineralization - Biomimetic Materials Chemistry - Magnetic Proteins and Bioinorganic Nanocomposites - Template-directed Synthesis - Self-assembled Inorganic Materials - Inorganic Morphosynthesis - Nanotectonics - Bionanochemistry - Meso-structured Inorganic-organic Materials - Life as a Nanoscale Phenomenon - Protein Melts - Self-assembly and Transformation of Nano-objects

  • biomineralisation
  • biomimetic materials chemistry
  • magnetic proteins
  • bioinorganic nanocomposites
  • template-directed synthesis
  • nanotectonics
  • bionanochemistry
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