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Professor Mark Dillingham


Mark Dillingham's research is in the field of DNA:protein interactions. He obtained his D. Phil. in Oxford with Dale Wigley studying the structure and mechanism of DNA helicases.  This research was developed further in postdoctoral study at the University of California at Davis (with Steve Kowalczykowski) and at the National Institute for Medical Research (with Martin Webb) which focused on how helicase motors were integrated into larger machines, such as those responsible for the repair of double-stranded DNA breaks.

The Dillingham laboratory was established in Bristol in 2005. Recent and current work has focussed on the mechanisms of double-stranded DNA break repair, transcription:replication conflicts and chromosome segregation (see research interests for further details). This work has been supported by major grant funding and fellowships from the Royal Society, the European Research Council and the Wellcome Trust. Mark was awarded the Colworth medal of the Biochemical Society in 2010.



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