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Dr Marc Van der Kamp

Research in my group involves the use of biomolecular simulation to investigate and predict the behaviour of biomolecules. Of particular interest are enzymes and their specificity, catalysis and dynamics. The main techniques used are combined quantum mechanical / molecular mechanical modelling (QM/MM) and molecular dynamics simulation. The current primary area of interest is the use and development of biomolecular simulation protocols to aid development of biocatalysts.

As a BBSRC David Phillips Fellow (affiliated with the BrisSynBio research centre), I will investigate biosynthetic enzymes that are responsible for a wide range of natural products, such as terpene and polyketide synthases. To efficiently tackle the chemical and structural complexity involved in the catalytic cycles of these enzymes, new simulation protocols and methods will be developed. By modifying enzymes according to predictions from simulation, in collaboration with experimentalists, the aim is to develop new biocatalysts for the sustainable production of high-value chemicals.

Other research interests are: enzymes involved in antibiotic resistance, computational simulation methods to aid drug design and fundamental principles of enzyme catalysis.