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Dr Kate Miller

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  • Clayton, W, longhurt, J, Willmore, C, Bigg, M, Brooks, I, Dare-Edwards, E, Darwen, J, Corpo, Rd, Gough, G, Heywood, G, Hills, S, Howells, L-K, Hyland, F, Idle, J, Khan, H, Miller, K, Owen, D, Sharratt, J, Talbot, H, Tierney, A, Tweddell, H & Walsh, A, 2016, ‘The Bristol Method: Green Capital: Student Capital: The power of student sustainability engagement’. UWE, Bristol
  • Jones, M, Anderson, C, Bickers, R, Carstairs, J, Cole, T, Eisenstadt, N, Gulliver, M, Insole, P, McLellan, J, Miller, K, Nourse, N, Piccini, A, Routledge, J, Skinner, R, Thomas, M, Williams, J & Julian, W, 2015, ‘Know Your Bristol On The Move’.
  • Bickers, R, Cole, T, Carstairs, J, Nourse, N, McLellan, J, Insole, P, Piccini, A, Miller, K, Skinner, R, Jones, M, Gulliver, M, Williams, J, Eisenstadt, N, Thomas, M, Anderson, C, Warren, J, Bristol, TPo & Eisenstadt, N, 2015, ‘Know Your Bristol On The Move’. Centre for Public Engagement, University of Bristol
  • Bickers, RA, Carstairs, JA, Coates, PA, Cole, TJ, Horton, M, Insole, P, Mackenzie, R, McLellan, J, Miller, KF, Piccini, AA, Smith, S, Taylor, C & Thorne, D, 2012, ‘Know your Bristol: Bristol's history, people's stories’. Centre for Public Engagement, University of Bristol

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