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Publication - Dr Kate Miller

    Know Your Bristol On The Move


    Jones, M, Anderson, C, Bickers, R, Carstairs, J, Cole, T, Eisenstadt, N, Gulliver, M, Insole, P, McLellan, J, Miller, K, Nourse, N, Piccini, A, Routledge, J, Skinner, R, Thomas, M, Williams, J & Julian, W, 2015, ‘Know Your Bristol On The Move’.


    The poster introduces the wide-ranging and overlapping elements of the AHRC-funded Know Your Bristol on the Move project (, describing the digital tools developed or enhanced to provide a platform to explore models of community co-production and highlight the challenges and tensions that were faced. The project was a collaboration between the University of Bristol, Bristol City Council and several community groups, enabling the exploration, research and co-production of Bristol history, heritage and culture through digital tools. The project developed new tools like the Map Your Bristol website ( (Drupal CMS) and companion app (Apache Cordova) for Android and iOS devices to provide an easy-to-use crowdsourcing platform that allows community members to add places and share stories and digital artefacts within the context of historical maps. The project also funded the enhancement of existing tools like Bristol City Council's Know Your Place website ( (ArcGIS) that provides a rich set of contemporary and historic maps and digitised artefacts of historic collections held by the city, providing a controlled and moderated space that forms part of the Historic Environment Record that city planners consult when making planning decisions. The Know Your Bristol on the Move project also provided a bus fully equipped with the latest audio and video equipment to provide a mobile meeting space where local people could congregate to share stories, explore the city's history and have artefacts digitised. All these tools provided a platform for exploring models of co-production and were used in a number of public events and workshops designed and organised by academics and community groups.

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