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Professor Jeremy Henley


Understanding the processes that dictate the distribution, maintenance and dynamics of neurotransmitter receptors is of fundamental importance to the molecular basis of fast excitatory transmission and synaptic. The Henley lab is interested in the mechanisms by which neurotransmitter receptors are targeted to, retained at and removed from synapses under normal and stimulated conditions. Receptors share common biosynthetic and endocytic pathways but important specific differences allow selective regulation. Increased understanding of the mechanisms of these processes will give important insights into synapse formation, stabilisation and plasticity and thus into the cellular mechanisms underlying learning and memory and some neurodegenerative diseases. In particular we focus on the roles of posttranslational modifications and protein-protein interactions at AMPA and kainate receptors.

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Key words

  • Neurotransmitters
  • neurotransmitter receptors
  • synapses
  • Receptors
  • posttranslational modifications
  • proteins
  • kainate receptors.