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Professor Claire Grierson


Professor Grierson currently teaches 4 courses:



I lecture undergraduates in Year 1 "Current Topics" wher I introduce our undergraduates to synthetic biology, Year 2: "Green Planet" and "Cell and Developmental Biology" and Year 3: "Plant Developmental Biology and Evolution".

I also teach up to 34 undergraduates as personal tutees (6 at each level), practical project students or library project students (6 of each), and run the "Saving the Earth" Field Course for up to 15 Year 2 students annually.

I am the Bristol Director of the EPSRC and BBSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Synthetic Biology (SynBio CDT) where, together with the Warwick Director and overall Director at Oxford, I design and manage the training of 15-20 doctoral students per year. The course includes a 100 day bespoke taught course in synthetic biology in which I personally lead the teaching of “Tuning gene expression via transcription, translation and mRNA and protein stability”, “Reporters for assessing gene expression”, “Modelling gene expression in MatLab”, "Introduction to synthetic biology", "The Impact of Synthetic Biology" and aspects of "Responsible Research and innovation". I also organise and oversee a week's teaching of “Cellular Design”.