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Professor Claire Grierson


Recent activities include:

Soapbox Science May 30th 2015 "Synthetic Biology - Designing Life"

Primary School Lectures "Food, Growth and Energy", Grove Junior School, May 2013

Numerous 40 minute talks to lay audiences at School of Biological Sciences and University Open Days

Radio Bristol interview August 2011

Research findings

Which Plant Proteins are Palmitoylated and Why

Hemsley, PA, Weimar, T, Kathryn, L, Dupree, P & Grierson, CS 2013, ‘A proteomic approach identifies many novel palmitoylated proteins in Arabidopsis’. New Phytologist, vol 197., pp. 805-814


Why We Need Plant Scientists 

Grierson, C. S., Barnes, S. R., Chase, M. W., Clarke, M., Grierson, D., Edwards, K. J., Jellis, G. J., Jones, J. D., Knapp, S., Oldroyd, G., Poppy, G., Temple, P., Williams, R. and Bastow, R. (2011), One hundred important questions facing plant science research. New Phytologist192: 6–12. doi: 10.1111


Understanding synthetic oscillators

Purcell, O, Savery, N, Grierson, C & Bernardo, MD 2010, ‘A comparative analysis of synthetic genetic oscillators’. Journal of The Royal Society Interface, vol 7., pp. 1503 - 1524


Relating Network Structure and Function

Gorochowski, T. E., di Bernardo, M. & Grierson, C. S.  2010,  'Evolving enhanced topologies for the synchronization of dynamical complex networks'. Physical Review E - Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics. 81, 5, p. - 13 p.056212


Understanding Plant Cell Polarity

I presented our findings on how molecular interactions generate polar growth in plant cells at GARNet 2011 in Cambridge.

You can watch the video (22 minutes) here