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Professor Claire Grierson


My first degree at the University of Warwick included a year in a bioscience research group at ICI, Runcorn. During my PhD with Professor Mike Bevan at Cambridge University and the John Innes Centre I studied mechanisms controlling potato tuber development, and identified transcription factors controlling the expression of storage protein genes. Since then I have worked on root development in Arabidopsis, firstly as a post-doctoral researcher with Dr Liam Dolan and Professor Keith Roberts at the John Innes Centre and later as a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow at IACR-Long Ashton. I became a lecturer at Bristol in 2000 and a Reader in 2004. I enjoy collaborating with researchers in other disciplines, through the Predictive Life Sciences theme, and the Bristol Centre for Complexity Sciences, with the goal of understanding biological systems better.

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