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Dr Sacha Przewieslik-Allen


I completed my PhD in Plant Reproductive and Molecular Biology at the University of Bristol and Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. The title of my thesis was 'Identification of genes involved in self-incompatibility (SI) and pollen-pistil interactions in Senecio squalidus L.(Asteraceae)'. Following this I moved fields into cereal crop research and worked on the BBSRC funded projects ‘Large scale mapping of wheat transcripts and simultaneously defining the A B and D genome contribution to the hexaploid transcriptome’ (BB/F007523/1), ‘Mining the allohexaploid wheat genome for useful sequence polymorphisms’ (BB/G012865/1) and ‘Enhancing diversity in UK wheat through a public sector pre-breeding programme’ (BB/1002278/1). In 2014 I was awarded the Monogram Early Career Excellence Award for outstanding contributions to the field of cereal and grass research in the UK and I now sit on the Monogram steering committee.

I am currently responsible for coordinating the genotyping theme of the Wheat Improvement Strategic Programme (WISP), under the leadership of Prof. Keith Edwards, for genotyping and data management for the Indo-UK centre for Improvement of Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Wheat (INEW) and two funded International Wheat Yield Partnership (IWYP) awards. I am also programme manager for the recently funded BBSRC strategic Lola: Releasing natural variation in bread wheat by modulating meiotic crossovers.