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Publication - Dr Ross Anderson

    Gene-Mediated Chemical Communication in Synthetic Protocell Communities


    Tang, TY, Cecchi, D, Fracasso, G, Accardi, D, Coutable-Pennarun, A, Mansy, SS, Perriman, AW, Anderson, JL & Mann, S, 2018, ‘Gene-Mediated Chemical Communication in Synthetic Protocell Communities’. ACS Synthetic Biology, vol 7., pp. 339-346


    A gene-directed chemical communication pathway between synthetic protocell signaling transmitters (lipid vesicles) and receivers (proteinosomes) was designed, built and tested using a bottom-up modular approach comprising small molecule transcriptional control, cell-free gene expression, porin-directed efflux, substrate signaling, and enzyme cascade-mediated processing.

    Full details in the University publications repository